Turquoise is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being of the body. It is a protective stone and has been used for amulets since time immemorial. It is believed to change color to warn of the danger of infidelity. Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. Placed on the third eye*, it enhances intuition and meditation. On the throat chakra*, it releases old vows, inhibitions, and prohibitions, and allows the soul to express itself once more. It explores past lives and shows how the creation of your “fate” is ongoing and depends on what you do at each moment.
HEALING Turquoise strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy
fields. It enhances the physical and psychic immune systems and regenerates
tissue, supports the assimilation of nutrients, alleviates pollution and viral
infections, and heals the whole body, especially the eyes including cataracts. It
reduces excess acidity and benefits gout, rheumatism, and the stomach.

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